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596 Switch

The Improbable Journey From the Palouse to Pasadena - is about the All-American quarterback, Ryan Leaf, for Washington State who led the WSU Cougars to a Rose Bowl appearance in 1998. It gives you a behind-the-scenes journey through the 4 years Leaf started at Washington State up through the Rose Bowl appearance.

Ladybird ladybird

Samantha and her alcoholic father, ghost mother, and school relationships are all intriguing and complex. Samantha finds romance with someone until the truth about her love is found out. Can a ladybug be where Samantha finds all her answers?


Book One (The Feather Book Series) - Estella, a freed orphan at age eighteen is determined to have a fresh start by leaving the city behind her. She quickly starts colleges in hopes of escaping the past and struggles to find her place until she meets Professor Edgar. She has a fear of him and yet also a mesmerizing attraction that brings her to a familiar feeling and as her happiness returns, so does her past.


Book Two: (The Feather Book Series) - Takes you further into the eighteen year old life of Estella. As she fights for what she loves, friends from the past start showing up and lending a helping hand.


Book Three: (The Feather Book Series) - Love is becoming a battlefield as Estella and Edgar are united again. This time, it's not as easy as expected. Can their love survive the brutal realities?


The Life of Patient - Jordan McKay, a six year old boy, dreamed so hard that it became a reality. Stuck in this dream, Kenzie Ashcroft works to help take him back home. Jordan promises to return the favor even if it means dying. Now Kenzie finds herself having bad dreams every night as she grow up. Will Kenzie be able to keep the two worlds straight and who is the shadow growing up beside her?

Knight Angels

Book Of Love (Book One) - At seventeen years old, Jane Taylor witnesed her father's death which had a big impact on her. Her sister Emily was 6 when he died and she always resented how close him and Jane were. Emily can read minds and resorted to drugs to quiet the voices, causeing Jane to snap. Wes, who is adopted, moves next door to Jane and wants more then a friendship with her.

Knight Angels

Book of Revenge: (Book Two) - A whole new world with new characters to come into play while facing some old enemies. Wes goes deeper in hi past and family while Jane begins to realize Max isn't what he seems. Will their love be strong enough to conquer?

Swiss Chocolate

Getting Dumped and Getting Even


The Secret Life of Jordan McKay

Grumpy Lumpy

The Story of a Boy and The Bear That Loved Him

The Author's Outline

A Book About Writing: A Simple Starter's Guide to Writing a Book for Those That Don't Know Where to Start

Erik's Hope

The Leash That Led Me to Freedom


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